Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Battery Life -- The Bane of Mobile Entertainiment

Ever since my iPod died, I have been using my Palm TX as an MP3 player and video player. It works well in this capacity, I can easily get through an entire day with my Palm TX playing music, listening to podcasts, and watching videos. The problem is that my Palm TX can do more than play music, podcasts, and videos. It can also go on the Internet using wifi or piggybacking on my cell phone's internet connection through Bluetooth.

When you add internet access to the party, a long commute becomes a lot more enjoyable. But suddenly battery life becomes an issue. Surfing the internet while listening to music in the background pretty much kills my TX's battery towards the end of a long day. This wasn't a problem back when I had an iPod which handled the music/podcast listening chores but now that my TX is doing more work it's small battery is being exposed as it's biggest liability.

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