Saturday, May 10, 2008

Funniest Weapon Ever

Probably my favorite sitcom right now is 30 Rock and one of the reasons is that it is so keyed into what is going on right now. Almost everything that is amusing, strange, or downright stupid about our society, government, and pop culture is certain to get satirized on 30 Rock. A few months ago, a hilarious story started making its way through the news cycle particularly on the blogs. Apparently, the US military at one point tried to create a non-lethal weapon which would make enemy combatants want to have gay sex with each other. It was the funniest story I'd ever heard and couldn't stop laughing when I read about it.

Just think about it—you're an evil enemy soldier brainwashed to hate America and suddenly a weapon strikes and suddenly you feel an irresistible urge to go shopping, listen to Elton John, and have gay sex with your fellow soldiers. It's hard not to laugh when you think that it. And the military seriously considered turning that into a weapon.

Sure enough a few months later, you have 30 Rock satirizing the idea. In the episode, when Jack Donaghy leaves GE for a job in the Bush administration, he is so shocked at the general incompetence at the White House, that he immediately decides to get himself fired at the first sign that he might get the head job at GE after all. And how does he propose to accomplish this? By trying to revive the "Gay Bomb."

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