Tuesday, October 28, 2008

The Media Is In The Tank For Mad Men

John McCain is wrong. The media is not in love with Barack Obama. It is actually in love with AMC's show Mad Men. The show's star John Hamm recently hosted Saturday Night Live and they eagerly promoted his show with not one but two skits (on a side note, it sure looked like Hamm and the SNL cast were having a great time during these skits which also featured other members of the Mad Men cast). And now TV Squad reports that The Simpsons will do a parody the show. All this comes after Mad Men won a fistfull of Emmy Awards.

I have always felt somewhat cold towards Mad Men. I've seen most of the first season and plan on eventually watching the second but I'm in no hurry finish. Yes, the acting is great, the production values are great, and the women on the show are beautiful but I still can't get into this show as much as the media wants me to. And it's not like I'm being a contrarian here, I've fallen in love with critically praised but low-rated shows before. But not this time. I just can't identify with Don Draper, he's far better looking and more charming than I can possibly ever be.

Oh well.

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