Thursday, January 1, 2009

Bigger Battery For T-Mobile G1 Available—Even Bigger One Wating In The Wings?

Crunchgear reviews a new battery for the T-Mobile G1 from Seidio and they are pleased with it. Seidio claims its battery improves the G1's battery life by 15%. While this seems good, the battery's $43 price tag seems a little high (to me, the Crunchgear guys think it's a good price). There is a rumor floating around that T-Mobile will ship a much bigger battery to G1 users but it is only a rumor at this point and this huge battery would come with its own battery cover which would make the G1 much thicker. So I guess it's a classic trade off; do you want to pay for a bigger battery now or hope for a much bigger free battery later which will turn your phone into a brick?

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