Friday, January 16, 2009

My Favorite Android Applications

The great thing about my T-Mobile G1 is the power of its hardware combined with its Android operating system. Even though it has only been around for a few months, Android has already produced a handful of great applications which I love to use:

  • The Weather Channel—This a nice application which does exactly what its name implies, it downloads and presents weather information. It shows the current conditions and with hourly, 36 hour, and 10 day forecasts as well as video along with video and weather maps. It also allows you to designate several locations for which it can download weather, making it a perfect for travelers. It can even take advantage of the G1's GPS capabilities to report the weather at your current location.
  • Ring Toggle—One of the best features of my old Treo 680 was the ringer switch which allowed my to instantly silence the all the sounds on the phone. It really should be included on all cell phones. But the G1 doesn't have that feature. Luckily, Ring Toggle makes it easy to silence your phone with a simple menu of options for setting how your phone rings.
  • Tunes Remote—This is a simple application which allows you to control iTunes on your Mac or PC. It's great for use as a remote control for a home theater PC.
  • RemoteDroid—Couch surfing rules. This application allows your phone to act as a mouse and keyboard for your PC.
  • ShopSavvy—There are at least three barcode scanners available at the Android Market and ShopSavvy is probably the best. ShopSavvy uses your phone's camera as a barcode scanner and can search the Internet for the best value available (both at local stores and on the Internet) for any product.
  • WikiTap—A nice looking browser for Wikipedia. It has a built in keypad which uses predictive text for quick searches without opening your keyboard as well as links to videos about your query.
  • Sky Map—A planetarium for your phone, Sky Map uses your phones GPS to determine your location and show a map of the sky which is constantly being updated as you move your phone. Beautiful and perfect for star gazers.

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