Monday, May 18, 2009

Digsby—Ease of Use Isn't Worth the Intrusiveness

Digsby MascotImage by BigBlue via Flickr

I tried to like Digsby. I really did. And for the most part I did like Digsby. But while this application which allows you to conveniently monitor your email, IM, and social networking sites like Twitter all in one place is simply too intrusive. The installation was a mess as Digsby wanted to install all sorts of "free" toolbars and services which I had to accept or reject before the installation could complete. And even after all that, I found that Digsby had insinuated itself all over my web browser for example replacing my default start page with its own. While it might seem like a good deal, get a nice little free IM client, I frankly resent the level to which Digsby insists on running roughshod over my preferences. As a result, I'm no longer running this software and don't feel that I could recommend it to people.
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