Thursday, May 28, 2009


Hulu has released a standalone application for viewing it shows. It gives a very nice viewing experience—nicer than the website which is pretty nice in its own right. Thanks to modern TVs which can easily be attached to computers I can definitely see myself vegging out on the couch to this application. Of course I already do that with Boxee, Windows Media Center, Youtube, and Hulu's own website but another way to waste time in front of the TV is always welcome.

Update: By now I've had a chance to install both the Mac and Windows version of the Hulu Desktop and I have to say that the Mac version is better. This is mostly because of the way it handles remote controls. Hulu Desktop's support for the Mac Mini's Apple Remote is fairly seamless and it works exactly the same way that it works in Apple's Front Row media player application. Its support for Windows Media Center remotes however is much more limited and the experience suffers as a result.

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