Friday, April 24, 2009

Easy Peasy Breathes New Life Into Old Netbooks

Easy Peasy is a Ubuntu-based Linux distribution for netbooks. One of the challenges with the original Netbooks like the Asus EeePC was that not only were they severely underpowered, they shipped with a virtually unusable version of the Linux operating system. I suspect that the current popularity of Windows XP on netbooks is at least indirectly related to the poor custom Linux distros which sort of looked like Windows but ran quite differently and were even clunkier and buggier than Windows. Unfortunately XP is also poorly suited to the very lowest of low end netbooks. I have an old Asus EeePC 4G with a 4GB solid state hard disk. Windows XP can quickly outgrow a 4GB disk.

Easy Peasy was better alternative with relatively modest hardware requirements. Installing it on my EeePC was easy and it ran much better afterwards. Now there is a new version of Easy Peasy out which promises to fix bugs, upgrade applications, and update the icons and color scheme. It looks like a promising piece of software and it is certainly better than the default operating system that usually runs on these little computers.

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