Monday, April 20, 2009

CompanionLink to Bring Palm Desktop Sync to Palm Pre

One of the concerns for PalmOS users (at for this user) about the Palm Pre is data migration from older PalmOS devices. CompanionLink which for years provided solutions for syncing Palm devices with Outlook is now showing demo video of how syncing between a variety of desktop PIMs, including Palm Desktop and Outlook, and the Palm Pre will work.

This isn't a perfect solution for everyone I suppose since it uses Google as an intermediary but for those of us who have to use Google for their Android phones anyway, it makes migration to the Pre fairly natural. Now the biggest question is how much all this will cost. The Pre itself is likely to command a premium price when it debuts and MotionApps' PalmOS Classic emulator will likely be a separate purchase. Now we have CompanionLink's new desktop conduits as yet another potential expense. While a healthy eco-system of third-party applications will be necessary for the Pre to catch on, Palm also needs to consider the expense of upgrading from an existing PalmOS device to a Pre as well.

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