Monday, July 6, 2009

Pimlical—An Old School PalmOS App Moves to the Desktop

[Pimlical Multiday View]
Pimlical is a new stand alone Calendar application from the author of the excellent Datebk app for PalmOS handhelds and smartphones. The author of Pimlical promises Android, Blackberry, and Windows Mobile support for 2010. While Pimlical already supports the older PalmOS desktop application, support for webOS is pending release of Palm's Software Development Kit. (An early version of the webOS SDK was recently leaked by a developer but Palm really needs to put out an official version sooner rather than later.) One thing that concerns me is that there is no mention of GMail/Google Calendar support and I use these two apps a lot these days thanks to the fact that both my T-Mobile G1 and Palm Pre rely heavily on synchonizing with Google's apps. Still I was always an eager user of Datebk on the PalmOS and I'm pretty eager to try out this new application.

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