Friday, June 5, 2009

Cupcake's New Bookmarks and Some Complaints

I just wanted to write up a quick post pointing out that the updated browser in the Cupcake Android for the T-Mobile G1 has one noteworthy improvement (besides enabling copy and paste). The Bookmarks menu now has three tabs and includes a list of Most Visited websites and a History tab. Before the update, History was a seperate menu item. Now it has been folded into the Bookmarks menu and is organized with submenus for items from "Yesterday," "5 days ago," "1 month ago," and "Before 1 month ago." Each website has a handy star which you can tap to turn it into a Bookmark. The Most Visited tab has these stars as well. This is a very welcome improvement over the old Bookmarks and History menu items.

The GMail application has also been subtly improved with little checkmarks that allow you to select multiple items for tasks like deleting spam. Unfortunately, GMail is actually a bit slower now than it was before the update. In fact despite Cupcake's improvments, my G1 phone is still relatively slow at times. It's not overwhelmingly slow but does slow down nevertheless. 

Another disappointment? Twidget, the little widget for displaying Twitter updates. I really like this little widget at first but after about 24 hours it started crashing repeatedly and I had to uninstall it. This is a shame, I hope it gets fixed soon because it was a nice little app.

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