Friday, June 5, 2009

"Find on page" Makes Getting Around Android Browser Easier

The temptation of the upcoming Palm Pre notwithstanding, I am very happy with my T-Mobile G1 since the recent "Cupcake" update. One new feature which I've begun to take advantage of is the "Find on page" command in the web browser which works very nicely with the new virtual keyboard. Although buried under the "More" option in the browser's menu Find on page helps you get around web pages more quickly.

Here's an example of how:

I tend to use Chicago's public transportation system a lot and one of the nice things about it is the CTA Bus Tracker which allows me to access real time information on bus arrival times. Since each bus route on the bus tracker page has its own unique route number, selecting Find in page and typing just two digits, allows me to get to a the bus route I'm looking for faster than I could if I just scrolled the page. So by making my navigation around its browser easier, Android's new improvements also make it easier for me to navigate around my home town.

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